Monday, October 21, 2013

Strings less Guitar - LASER beam as string

Hi Guys,

I am a big fan of Metal music. I like to listen Iron maiden and Metallica. Iron maiden is being my favorite band. No one can deny that Guitar is the heart of metal music. Well I don't know how to play that. Even i don't have it. But but but... We can make it...

So, for entertainment, i decided to build it by my own. Moreover, i am electronics lover. So, i also thought to make it in electronics domain. There are electric bass available. But, they have metal string, which i don't want in my Guitar. I need something creative, something innovative and something attractive!!! Here comes our design fundamental.

As light is being the most important part of our life, i thought to use light, more specifically LASER light as a string. You might have a question, how can one generate sound using LASER light... LOL!!!
Guys, this is where electronics comes in the picture...

Please check the picture of LASER beam guitar with 3 strings and 12 frets, which are invisible. 

Finally, the entire setup is kept in guitar wooden box and LASER lights has been arranged in such a way that they make the real guitar string. It was one of the attraction at India's first 

Maker Fest

Coming Soon

I hope you would check this again. Right now i am making video of LASER guitar. I'll post entire procedure, when i'll complete it. Thank you. Enjoy the day. And dream about playing yourself a LASER guitar in the most influential band. 

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