Monday, October 21, 2013

Strings less Guitar - LASER beam as string

Hi Guys,

I am a big fan of Metal music. I like to listen Iron maiden and Metallica. Iron maiden is being my favorite band. No one can deny that Guitar is the heart of metal music. Well I don't know how to play that. Even i don't have it. But but but... We can make it...

So, for entertainment, i decided to build it by my own. Moreover, i am electronics lover. So, i also thought to make it in electronics domain. There are electric bass available. But, they have metal string, which i don't want in my Guitar. I need something creative, something innovative and something attractive!!! Here comes our design fundamental.

As light is being the most important part of our life, i thought to use light, more specifically LASER light as a string. You might have a question, how can one generate sound using LASER light... LOL!!!
Guys, this is where electronics comes in the picture...

Please check the picture of LASER beam guitar with 3 strings and 12 frets, which are invisible. 

Finally, the entire setup is kept in guitar wooden box and LASER lights has been arranged in such a way that they make the real guitar string. It was one of the attraction at India's first 

Maker Fest

Coming Soon

I hope you would check this again. Right now i am making video of LASER guitar. I'll post entire procedure, when i'll complete it. Thank you. Enjoy the day. And dream about playing yourself a LASER guitar in the most influential band.

Meanwhile you can keep hardware ready to make this project. One Arduino Uno R3 will be required for this project.
You can buy Arduino Uno R3 from below link

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