Friday, October 26, 2012

Arduino 3 Bit Counter with code and schemetics

Hi guys,
Whats going on?

I am going to show how to make 3 Bit counter using Arduino with Code and Schematics.
For making 3 bit up counter we need to first understand desired outputs.
The output for 3 bit up counter will start from 000 to 111.

000 -->> 001 -->> 010 -->> 011 -->> 100 -->> 101 -->> 110 -->> 111 -->> 000.

So for circuit, make the connection shown in the figure with arduino board. Connect digital pin 3,4 and 5 to LED via 1k register. Here make sure you connect LEDs via register. If you will not connect register, there may be possibility of high current through LED, which may result in short circuit the board.

Practical Design of “The Time Machine”

Hello Time Travelers,
     This blog is going to give an idea about travelling at Light Speed. In the climate we have designed The Time-Machine which can travel in future only.
      For understanding the possible ways to travel at the light speed (c), first we need to understand “Theory of Relativity”. It was given by famous scientist “Albert Einstein”. The Relativity had been distinguished in two parts.